Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tinashe Preggo? + NiNi "BB"?

The Internet is buzzing that hip-hop singer Tinashe is pregnant by her rumored boyfriend Tyler The Creator. She was seen sucking a "pregnancy pop" which is used in women who have morning sickness which is a major symptom of first time early pregnancy. She was out in LA this afternoon promoting her newest mixtape before her show tonight with N & T and she seemed to be trying to cover up the lollipop, but it also seemed like she didn't want to take it out her mouth (since the nausea returns when you stop sucking it) Its long been rumored that Tinashe is with Odd Future member Tyler The Creator, and despite her denying it several times, people still associate them two together, mainly because she doesn't know how to stop being around him. Its many talks of pregnancy around PSR though, not just T. NiNi is also said to be expecting baby number 3. For the past 2 weeks she's been posting weird photos to Insta which created the hashtag #SubHints"  such as one with her in front of one pink crib and one blue crib (which is the symbol color for boy and girl), with the caption "???????" Then she posted a pic of her in the sand on the beach and she was fully covered in sand except for her head, and in her stomach area it was made to have extra sand around that part and it made her look pregnant with a sand belly, and many people took it as she was trying to tell us in a sub way and she received over 2 million congratulations comments on that photo (and she still didn't take it down, wouldn't you take it down if it was sending out a wrong message?") Now today, she was snapped walking on ATL BLVD and it seems she has a Baby Bump. A professional photo analyzer (that's a person that is an expert at looking at photos and judging them) analyzed the photo and says it appears that she is rocking a baby bump, but also notes that it is an unusually windy day in Atlanta today and that it could be possible the wind caught the bottom of her shirt and instead of flying up, the wind is moving on top of the shirt instead of under it creating a "hump" appearance. See the photo here. Is NiNi expecting baby number 3? Another one is Nicki. She still isn't confirming any relationship with Meek, but she still hints and she hinted once again yesterday with a tweet of Meek performing on stage and she captioned it #DopePerformer, hope the JR got that swag #GetIt" Being that she posted "JR" which is referred to a fathers first son, many take that as a sub pregnancy announcement. But her and Meek are remaining quiet about everything and its honestly irritating us, and a short while later, she deleted the picture which seems odd to us as well. Ari was rumored to be pregnant when she first wifed up Big Sean but they both confirmed not yet as they are too busy too get into the kid life right now. Another is Cymphonique who has been dressing like a tomboy for the past 2 weeks and rocking clothes 3 times too big and we all know when celebs do that they're trying to hide a bump. Even though we still don't know who the father of her first born is, many think they are expecting number 2 or else why is she rocking huge clothes and always avoiding questions about possibly being preggo again Her father also tweeted her @NiqNiq congrats baby" Even though it was really no reason to congratulate her since she hasn't done much recently. Sources also report that she is having terrible mood swings and eating constantly. Hmmm....So which one of these PSR artists are actually pregnant, or are any of them preggo at all? Neither one of them want to speak up about that topic so who knows, but trust me we will find out because big clothes or not, women cant hide their pregnancy forever, you get big duh. So who will be the lucky winner? N? T? Niq Niq? Nicki? We'll see

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