Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taylah P Sets PSR On Fire!!

No not that kind of fire, but she did release what is being called the hottest song of the year today called "S.W.A Aka Shorty With An Attitude" The song literally blew up the charts and stole the number 1 spot on the charts beating out NiNi's number 1 song official within 1 hour which is something that no PSR artist or any other artist period has ever done. The song features Azalea Banks on the hook and its a fast tempo down south beat which is considered South R&B Rap. This song has bought PSR much more attention and many new fans and everyone is looking to buy this new song and it has sparked a brand new interest in TAYLAH and the media suggests that when her 1st PSR album drops it will do beyond well due to how popular this one song is. The media says this is the hottest song that was ever released from PSR, but we have to disagree as we feel its many songs that can top that and I can name 3 without even thinking, but at the same time, we do agree that the song is beyond boss and its really good, and we give it 1000 stars out of 10. Taylah is looking at her first number 1 hit and we would like to say congrats and we also would like to give credit to the boss for making a wonderful beat. Click here to check out "S.W.A" In other news, today NiNi got an offer to come and perform at the white house for the presidents daughters birthday, but she has politely denied his request stating that she just simply is too busy right now. After the scandal of Mr Obama admitting he has strong feelings for NiNi, she hasn't been as close to him as much as she used to be and neither has his wife instead NiNi and Michelle are the ones who seem to be getting closer. Early last week his oldest daughter Sasha posted this on Twitter "My dad calls everyone a Jackass, but he's the real jackass how dare you like NiNi, and disrespect our mama, I hope her husband beats you up" But that Tweet was deleted within 10 minutes and she has since been seen with her dad on many occasions looking happy to be around him, but we do feel its definitely tension in the Obama family, but NiNi has distanced herself from all of it. Also, although Breezy was released from PSR not too long ago, he still maintains a cool relationship with them and he released a song today with Miguel and Ke$ha titled "Say My Name" click here to check it out


johnny1 said...

that song is bomber then bomb

johnny1 said...

no shit