Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movie Confirmed To Be Released Friday + Did Princess Say This?

We have it confirmed that NiNi's new movie "Nothing 2 Lose" will in fact be released on Friday August 2nd. It has been confirmed by Mr Tyler Perry on his website. Click here to check out what he had to say. In other news, the media ran a story today where they say Princess said this "I'm sorry to NiNi, my actions were wrong and childish and I will never bother her or her family again" This statement has not been confirmed to be true, but when we find out more we will let you guys know! *UPDATE* The statement is false as Princess said "No don't put words in my mouth what the hell I gotta apologize to her for, if anything he should be apologizing to me" So all of you who thought this beef was coming to an end sorry its still here. That's all for now, check me out later for more info! Also rumor says that NiNi and Babydoll from the OMG Girlz had a huge sisterly fight  oday in ATL and NiNi left her crying in the hospital, even though this story is beginning to spread all over the place, we still don't have any confirmation on if its true or not, but as usual we will let you guys know!


johnny1 said...

awesome and I heard about her and babydoll too they said babydoll got fucked up

johnny1 said...

well if she fought nini of course she did lol