Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NiNi On Hot 100 Plus Her Lips

Every year BET airs a special called 100 of the hottest celebrities and this last  year NiNi came in at number 33, this year she came in at number 1, yup that's right number 1, to skip from 33 to 1 in one year must mean a lot as she must have gotten way more beautiful to steal that spot in such a short amount of time. That's not all though, NiNi's lips have been compared to Angelina Jolies and her lips have made it to the hot 20 lips of 2013 and her lips came in at number 2, she never was nominated in that category, this is first year of being lips worthy so to speak, and at the end of the show the lips get feedback and the judges say that NiNi's lips are like a fluffy pillow that they want to take a nap on, last year someone said the same thing about her butt, now this year its her lips, so NiNi gets her body parts compared to fluffy pillows alot as you can see. Its not really a high honor in the entertainment industry its really just a bunch of nerds who got  together and made a silly show to singe out the hottest celeb with the hottest body, but regardless congrats to NiNi on her number 1 hot category and her lips being fluffy lol.


johnny1 said...

Her lips should've been number 1 I love those lips

johnny1 said...

Nini know she's number 1 that's all that matters