Thursday, July 25, 2013

NiNi's Drink Is Not Popular For Some Reason

Although NiNi and Ke$ha's popular "Platinum Passion" fragrance and the royal shirts and pretty much everything else in PSR is selling faster then they come in, In early April, NiNi released a drink titled "Platinum Pink Passion" which is a combo of PINK lemonade rum, vodka Bacardi and a splash of grape juice. Sounds delicious right? We think so too, but strangely no matter how delicious it sounds and the fact that its by NiNi, it hasn't seen any sales since it was released. Bars and restaurants have picked up the drink and contracted her to provide it to them for them to serve but even they announce that no one is purchasing the drink, and no money is in her fan sales from it. Sources say that its available in almost every liquor store in the world and its odd to be in that many locations and not attract any customers, and its said that NiNi and PSR management is considering to recall the drink (which means kill it and take it off the shelves) Why do you guys feel that NiNi's drink is not selling as much as all her other things? In other news, when it comes to NiNi its no telling what people would do, today she was in El Paso on her way to rehearsals for her show tonight and she stopped and did a few autographs and before she left her NiNi chain snapped and she didn't notice it fell off her neck but a male fan did. And she got into her limo and pulled off and he picked up the chain and literally chased her down to give it back. He chased the limo for 37 blocks where the limo stopped at the rehearsal studio and he personally handed it back to her out of breath and all and even NINI looked at him like he was weird but she thanked him and took a picture with him. Crazy huh lol

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johnny1 said...

I don't c why its not popular either it sounds really good