Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Songs Drop + Miranda Cosgrove Kicked In The Stomach

Today, 3 new songs dropped by the 3 new PSR artists. 1st up is Ann Margaret who actually collabed with her rock and roll icon Avril Lavigne in a song called "Rock" Its a pretty decent mix of Rock and Pop and both do amazing and its attracting lots of fans and attention, so Ann is doing pretty well with PSR so far which is always good. Click here to check out "Rock" 2nd is new PSR artist Katherine McPhee who dropped a song with Jessica Lowndes titled "One Time" Its a R&B song with some Pop thrown in and both women sing. The song is fastly gaining attention in the mainstream industry and is receiving pretty decent reviews. Click here to check out "One Time" and last is Candice Glover solo with a song called "I Made It" its gospel mixed with R&B and its receiving mostly positive reviews. Click here to check out "I Made It' In other news, being pregnant and performing don't mix, especially when you're a huge PSR star. Miranda was out in her hometown of San Diego California this afternoon, and even though she's 5 months and beginning to show and she was advised not too, she still is working and she still went to perform. It all went well, she even showed she can still dance with being the size of a small house. But after she was done, fans stormed the stage to grab and touch her and she fell on the stage floor and they stepped all on her including her stomach by accident. Security ran out and broke up the large crowd and she was on the ground holding her stomach in pain and she was rushed to the hospital. 17 fans have been arrested for the incident. *UPDATE* Miranda's doctor has confirmed that she has lost the baby as she suffered a terrible miscarriage when she arrived at the hospital and they tried to save the baby with all efforts but they were unsuccessful. Sources say Miranda is devastated and now that she has stopped crying she just wishes to be left alone. We would like to say Get Well Soon to Miranda.......

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