Saturday, July 27, 2013

DJ Khaled Propses To Nicki

DJ Khaled has proposed to Nicki Minaj over video on MTV and he showed a 10 KT diamond engagement ring that is valued at 600,000 dollars he spoke on how he loves her and wants to be with her. The thing is though, Nicki and Khaled aren't even dating so sources say Nicki is beyond creeped out by that, but she has yet to respond to him. He even got really emotional when he asked her to be his forever. It was sweet but very very weird all at once. Click here to check out Khaled Proposing to NiCKI with a huge diamond ring on MTV. In other news sources were able to get video of the filming of NINI'S new movie, looks to be very exciting. Click here to check that out!


johnny1 said...

hes a fuckin loser ugly ass

johnny1 said...

when is the movie getting released Johnny

johnny1 said...

im not sure yet im sorry