Thursday, July 25, 2013

NiNi Gives A Preview Of Her New Album + New Items Added

Today, NiNi posted her entire album on her site with each song with a 20 second preview for each song, and it shows exactly how popular this album will be. She didn't name the names or say who's featured in it all it said was "Track 1, Track 2 etc", and even at only 20 seconds a piece over 68 trillion people went to her site to listen and her site crashed twice. She didn't reveal any album artwork or titles but she has some pretty hot beats and lyrics as usual. Click here to check out the preview of "My Sisters Keeper" In other news, after almost a 1 week delay, Platinum Wear has some new items added. 1st up is Hair. Yes I said hair, we all know you ladies like to look good, So NiNi has added some authentic Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair in 3 different inches and colors for $199.99 a piece some lengths and colors vary by price. 2nd is name belts silver and the ones that light up across the LED screen for 49.99. 3rd is name earrings male and female, when you checkout, just type in what you want the name to say the prices vary by the color jewelry you want, she also has name chains as well as belly rings nose rings tongue rings and even X Rated rings for you women or men that may have piercings in those X Rated Areas these vary by price by size and color. 3rd is Henna Tattoos, which are fake but last as long as 3 months and look real. She has the entire book of tattoos and the tattoo spray machine to spray them on, this is for kids 12 and up and it varies by price on how big of a set you're purchasing. Click here to check out All of these new items at the P.W site. Also the queens have a show tonight in El Paso TX at 8pm, tickets have sold out in less then 1 minute, but there are still some available by clicking here.....

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