Wednesday, February 4, 2015

YMCMB Vs PSR.... Is Soulja Boy Trying To Put It On The Map? + Is Nicki Back On NiNi's Bad Side Because Of This?

We all have been hearing about PSR and Ymcmb beefing and we have hearing countless subliminal songs coming from PSR and Nini herself, and all of this seems to have started after the incident where NiNi was recorded beating on Wayne after he grabbed or smacked (different sources report different things) her butt. Her most recent collab song with Ari and Cymphonique seems to have a subliminal message to him where she raps "trust me I'm not the only bitch in the industry that wont rock your mic" which is an obvious reference to Cam'ron's song "Suck It Or Not"where he raps "Every bitch in the in industry wanna rock my mic" But regardless of all the clear subliminals from PSR to Young Money, they never responded to anything, but Soulja Boy who recently signed with  them may have finally responded creating a hashtag #YMCMBVSPSR" He first did a freestyle to NiNi's own beat for "Faded" and he said "Wilin with my homies and we zoning while we boning, bitch in white gold don't want it you a clown throwing all that ass around shorty I'm taking your crown, Its young money all you pussy niggas gotta follow us around" That line may not seem like much, but you have to know why its considered a sub diss to PSR and NiNi and to know that, you have to know NiNi's music and PSR's music. His first line "Wilin with my homies and we zoning while we boning" is from A$AP Rocky's latest song. The next line refers to NiNi "Bitch in white gold don't want it you a clown,  throwing all that ass around shorty I'm taking your crown" This is just obvious, and the last line is going to all of PSR....."Its young money you pussy niggas gotta follow us around" Is referring to when the media was saying that PSR is following in the footsteps of Young Money" No one at PSR has responded to Soulja yet, but we are sure at least one will. But in the meantime, Nick is signed to PSR, but she is still super close with Young Money, so close that she even still says "Young Money" in some of her songs, and that's what made NiNi tell her to go back if she still dick riding Weezy, but they made up in the now famous performance where she came out and they hugged while Nicki was tearing up. But now they might be having tension again, because sources say that Nick isn't trying to beef with Young Money, and in fact she may even be taking their side, and once word got to NiNi she posted this tweet. Do you think this is directed at Nick? "So you still show your love and loyalty to people you ain't with anymore,you boo you ain't crew no more,  well last straw, go back, we don't need you, I'm sick of you with the bullshit and traitor type issues you have" We say that's all about Nick. But Nicki didn't respond, but now its a new talk of a war between PSR and Young Money, and there very well might be, but Young Money isn't commenting on the Soulja Boy diss song or the war that's beginning to pop off. Seems interesting though. Stay tuned......

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