Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taylors Messages Confirmed To Be Fake + Are NiNi And Britney Spears Beefing?

Yesterday, a bunch of pictures,  tweets and messages aimed at the PSR clique came from Tay's Twitter and Insta accounts and made headlines. But it has been confirmed by Police that her accounts were in fact hacked an therefore, Taylor did not send the messages, in fact Twitter and Insta says that this was the first login on her account in over 3 weeks. Her accounts were closed, and her managers issued an apology to all those who were named in the hacked accounts messages and other things. The person responsible, named as 28 year old Felicia Anderson has been arrested, but before that she was attacked by someone, but she wasn't terribly injured. She says she has no idea who attacked her, she says someone approached her from behind and she never saw his or her face. She is being held without bail and expected to go to trial tomorrow, where if convicted, she faces up to 5 years for the hacking of a public authority figure. Felicia is a professional hacker, and recently was a Cyber Crimes cop who worked with the Atlanta Police Department to catch people who hack others and install viruses to steal passwords and such, so this is very easy to her, she left the unit to pursue other opportunities, but she isn't a criminal, when asked why she she abused her power when she could've put  her talent to good use like helping others, she said replied "I'm a tay fan, and the entire world is talking mean about her, and I don't know why but she isn't fighting back, so I fought back for her" (Of course smh) Anyways, in other news, are NiNi and controversy singer Britney Spears in a feud? Well that's the headline that's being heard around the world. NiNi and Brit were cool in the beginning of NiNi's career, but once NiNi started getting buddied up with Gaga, they drifted apart, but reunited for the "Stand Up To Bullying" rally and they recently collabed together in 2013 with Janet Jackson.  But now its said that Britney's sister Jamie Lynn and NiNi were involved in an argument today, and NiNi threatened to make sure she never works again, which offended Britney, who is very protective over her. The source goes on to say that, Britney showed up quote "Bossed up ready to go to war" and told NiNi that if she has a problem with her sister then she should speak to her personally, but don't make threats because of her status, at which point the source says NiNi's reply was "Fuck you and your sister how about that?" Its said that Britney wanted to fight after she said that, but Jamie was holding her back and saying "Forget it lets just go" and NiNi reportedly was telling Jamie "let the bitch go" This is a story that's getting mega attention, mainly because Britney is always in the news for something, and if this is true, this will be the first beef of NiNi's that the other person is at her level as far as status, as Britney is a queen in pop music. But despite how big its getting, its still doubts because its said that Britney is in New York and NiNi Tinashe and China are in Vegas, and its no way they could've ran in each other today at all, and Jamie Lynn is on tour through South America currently which will also be impossible for her to be around NiNi. Of course they could've all just ended up in NiNi's location but it seems unlikely. We think this rumor is here because of a recent Tweet by Jamie Lynn which said "I'm so tired of hearing about platinum this platinum that, can't we just do what we love without having to try and live up to a title or whatever U wanna call it?" And people thought that was a subliminal message to all the attention PSR is  receiving right now, but she quickly denied it was about them and said quote "They're DOPE" But some don't buy it, and that's why we think this rumor is here, but we don't buy it. Still its worthy of checking into, and we will, and we will let you guys know more info on it soon.....

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