Monday, February 23, 2015

Legends Tour Will Continue, Security Beefed Up Higher

The Legends Tour continues today, although the Washington DC location was shot up, they will come back at a later date and make it up. Today's location is in Nashville Tennessee at the Elvis Presley Arena at 8pm. (Click here to view the upcoming schedules for the north American tour, and click here to view the schedules for the overseas part of the tour) According to multiple sources, promoters, the trio , security and police are trying  to avoid of repeats of events that happened in DC, and they have been make preparations all day to ensure that no one's lives are endangered and they are increasing police presence and all 3 have armed bodyguards who will be watching over them and everyone else at all times. Its also said to be regular plain clothes cops posted outside inside and at random points throughout the block. Security measures are also being beefed up, such as, no more outside items, no matter what they are, that includes camera's and cell phones since tiny explosives ca be hidden inside, if you show up with a camera, phone, or any kinda other electronic, you either have to surrender it at the door, and pick it up when the show is over, or you won't be let it. You are not allowed to have any metal whatsoever, and the metal detectors will be stronger and be able to detect even the slightest amount of metal. Only acceptable metal, is loose change, earrings, engagement/wedding rings and nose/eyebrow piercings, if you have any other metal besides these accepted ones, you will not be allowed in, or be required to remove it and surrender it to the guards. Alcohol is also no longer allowed at the shows since Alcohol sometimes bring out the worst in people, and cops in regular clothes may be in the audience. This may sound like a huge inconvenience and many people are complaining but lots feel uncomfortable about having cops all around them, it kinda kills the mood, but its necessary to prevent another shooting, and if you can't understand that, then maybe you shouldn't be attending anyway. So for all you guys who have tickets to the show tonight, be safe, the police are doing everything they can to make sure you are. Many people are kind of scared to attend, but regardless tickets for this show sold out in under 5 minutes, so people ain't that scared obviously. NiNi Tinashe and China have apologized about the strict new rules and they grouped together on Twitter and all did a group tweet and they all posted "We understand the new measures may be a little annoying and/or confusing right now, but in order to better protect our fans as well as ourselves, it is beyond necessary, you guys come to our performances for fun and music and entertainment, and we will not settle for anything less, especially not violence, and these new security precautions are put in place to do just that. In the meantime have fun tonight guys!We will! #@NiNi #@Tinashe #@China." Have fun tonight though guys!

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