Saturday, February 14, 2015

No Change With NiNi + PSR Is Slowly Getting Back To Work

Today the doctor confirmed to all of the fans who are still posted outside the hospital and to the celebs who showed up today which were many PSR artists and other artists that she has worked with including movie stars like Ali Larter and J.Lo her ex enemy that the queen is still showing no change in her condition. But despite the bad news, he did give some good news, at first when they were feeding her through the IV tubes in her arm, her body kept rejecting it and spitting the liquid food and vitamins back up through the tube, but now her body is accepting it which shows an improvement in her internal organs, so that was some good news, because it shows that slowly she is recovering,but doctors say she still has a long way before she is fully recovered and they still fear permanent long term injury. Many of the PSR artists and other celebrities have left, including B, Ye and Beith,  but the fans remain outside and they refuse to go. NiNi has some really dedicated fans. Stay tuned for more info on the queen. Speaking of PSR, they are trying to get back to work, yesterday number 4 threw a huge block party and raised over 25,000 dollars, now the first song released today from them since this incident from Fi5th Harmony Ft Demi titled "Come Back" and you can tell its a dedication to the queen and its really sweet. Click here to listen to it. Its said that they are all trying to get back to work and continue where they left off, so lets see what happens in the next few days.....

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