Friday, February 13, 2015

All Leave Medical Center Except 3 + Drake And Beith Give Odd Looks To Each Other

Yesterday, queen N walked into what is said to be the best hospital in the world which is the Atlanta Medical Center and passed out on the floor. After finding out that she tried to commit suicide by ingesting deadly and lethal poisons, doctors operated on her and put her into a med coma and so many people showed up to visit her, including all of PSR, her 7 besties (B, KP, Kat, China, NiqNiq, Lena and Em) other artists and many fans. Although they were denied entry to visit her at the time of their arrival, they stayed there for over 2 hours. But late last night they all left, except for 3. Around 2 hours after everyone else arrived, NiNi's husband Beith arrived (which many people are bashing him for, since they say he should've been first) and Beith, uncle Ye and Beyonce stayed behind while the other 428 celebs left leaving cards flowers and other get well soon items. It is unknown why those 3 were the only ones who stayed behind when the rest left, but no one cares since we're pretty sure they'll all be back again today anyway. But while Beith was entering, Drake was exiting and when they were walking past each other, they shot each other a mean look and looked like they wanted to fight, but Christina Milian said "Hi"to Beith and pushed Drizzy along because even she knew it was about to be some shit popping off.  Nothing popped off though, although some others Young Money artists looked at him foul too, but they kept it moving. After everyone left, its said that they allowed the remaining 3 inside to see her for 45, minutes, which turned into all night (probably because of the super duper royal powers that B and Ye have)  and all 3 went inside, but what happened inside is of course unknown. They went in her room around 9pm, and to this minute today, neither one have exited the hospital so obviously they spent the night with her. Hospitals usually have showers in the room and extra beds, not all but some, so maybe they all pulled out an extra bed and slept together, which would be so weird, but hey, how else did they spend the damn night with her, unless they slept on the floor. Meanwhile fans crowed outside all night with candles, singing and praying for the queen. It was about 2,000 fans crowded outside when news first broke about her being in the hospital. By the time the celebs arrived, it was over 4,500, by the time all the celebs left, it was over 6,000, now its over 10,000 fans crowded outside and they have been there all night, no sleep, no food, no drink, just prayers and support, and they are causing a major traffic jam and are blocking off at least 5 streets. Police are urging everyone to return home, but unless they are causing harm, they legally cant tell anyone to leave, so therefore no one is leaving. At about 8am this morning the head doctor in charge of the queens medical care came outside and made a statement to the seriously large crowd saying 'Good morning everyone, Miss Nisha's family and friends would like to thank you all for your continued support. At this time she is still in bad shape and we are continuing medical treatment for her and we are continuing to inject her with drugs to have her stay in a medically induced come for her own safety,  but we are happy to report that she has made it through the night, which was the concern and the roughest for all major poison victims like herself, and since she has, we now give her a 50/50 chance of survival, yesterday when she was admitted to us, she only had a 5% chance of survival and a 95% chance of death, so we will say since she made it through the night, she should be alright. But with the type of drugs she ingested and the fact that they are the most dangerous, it still cant be said with absolute certainty that everything is OK for her, she still has a major risk of heart and brain problems despite recovery. Its important for me to say this even though it may hurt, and its also important for me to say that during my 24 years of being a doctor I have seen patients poisoned many times, but never the amount or the dangerous nature that she has, so its still a guessing game at this point. We will update you further on her condition later on today, thank you' Yeah, NOT what anyone wanted to hear, In the meantime, if you want to come down and show your support come down to the ATL Medical Center on the 1500 block of Melrose, you can't miss it, just look for the large ass crowd of people. Although the PSR artists and other artists have went back to work, its still no info, they all are mostly just showing support for the queen, so no info on anything else just yet, so stay tuned for info on the queen later......

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