Saturday, February 21, 2015

NiNi Fires Back At Tay's Crew

Today, Tay's gang banging chick entourage sub dissed numerous members of PSR, including the queen. No one at PSR has responded to them, and although a tweet from NiNi might be a response, it wasn't clear on if it was a response, but this is clear she is the first the respond to them. She posted a few pics on Instagram of female gang members who are locked up, and it shows them dropping the soap, and getting abused by the police, and she posted the caption "I'm the police y'all the prisoners, welcome to my jail" She further went and called all them out by name posting "Aaliyah, you crip? Sabrina, you blood? Valerie, you're Latin King? Tae You're PIRU? OK how the fuck are all y'all even on the same team, if I was a hoover nigga I would've been murked a king bitch lets keep it real, and you so close with a RU, foh mama, y'all bitches need to read up on what a real gang is about, and FYI all of y'all are throwing up the wrong signs., Aaliyah, you throwing up Piru, thought u was crip? Sabrina, you're throwing up Rollin 20's, thought you was blood, Tae, you're throwing up Bounty, thought you was Latin King, y'all bitches faker then a 2 dollar hooker, no banging from these bitches, and y'all got the nerve to call me a wanna be. sweeties check your hand gestures before y'all speak about me mwah! :) Many Say she owned them, and after some real gangs checked out their pic, they also confirmed they are all throwing up the wrong signs for their sets, and now they are being trashed by almost every gang in America, even some overseas are calling them fake or set trippers, all because of NiNi. Neither one has responded, maybe they're embarrassed? Maybe, who knows, but now it looks like its NiNi &PSR VS Tay and NiNi VS Tay and Tay's Entourage, bloodier by the damn minute, not cool at all. Big mouth (sorry no offense) Banks may have subbed at them too posting "Um who the fuck are y'all????? oh y'all the ones who sniff after her asscrack, OK I got ya #lamebitches" It sure as hell sounds like she is referring to them, but without names, we have to call it a sub, no one else from PSR has fired back yet, but NiNi owning them has created the new hashtag #OWNED. Click here to view NiNi and Bank's fireback to Tay's crew.......What is your position is all of this?????

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