Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NiNi Called "Queen Of Controversy, Not A Title She Likes, Plus New Song

NiNi has now taken the new title of "Queen Of Controversy" by multiple media outlets and magazines, and that name will stick with me. One media outlet said "Its amazing how her and Eminem are so close, think about it, he's the king of controversy, he gets in so much, and so does she, controversy loves other controversy and that's why their somewhat odd friendship is possible" But NiNi isn't liking that title at all. She posted "I feel that anybody trying to label anyone is defining something that you have no business defining, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse or support that title, nor will I ever accept it, but at the same time, its not much I can do about it, but to fans, artists whoever, please do not ever refer me by that and do not call me that, not only will you sound weird saying "What up queen of controversy" but it will piss me off, because as an artist we all have our personal and musical problems and I don't  think its fair that I'm the only one being singled out and given that title, so I don't want to hear it please, thank you xoxoxoxoxxo" NiNi is right when she says it isn't much she can do about it because, the media is not considered apart of the music game, so therefore she has no control over them like she does with the entertainment industry. Multiple outlets though, have said they will not refer to her as that, others will keep calling her that, not for money or a story, but because quote "Its true 100%" Maybe that  title is true and it does fit her and pretty much every other musician in the game, but we feel its disrespectful to her to label her anything besides what she already is and that's the queen of music, and obviously she feels that way too. How about you guys? In other news, yesterday NiNi announced that a collab between her and Em will be dropping soon, we had no idea it was this soon. Today their 3rd collab song dropped called "Riding Dirty" Although it has the same name as Chamillionaire's song, it's nothing like his song. They both display their ability to rap super fast, and their mega talent for wordplay and throwing lyrics around like its nothing. NiNi has a mega fast part that makes your head spin trying  to keep up with what she's saying, and Em, goes above and beyond fast and he recreates the supersonic verse he had in his hit song "Rap God" but faster then that, so it's extremely fast, reminds you of listening to Twista or Bone Thugs, but its a very good song, and since it was very highly anticipated, it became number 1 in less then an hour and everyone has something good to say about it, even the harshest critics, and its pretty much blowing up in every street. Its produced by Sevyn Streeter and Eminem, and the beat is beyond fire. Click here to check out 'Riding Dirty" by NiNi  Ft Eminem......

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