Sunday, February 15, 2015

NiNi Opens Eyes But Slips Back Under + PSR Is Changing But For How Long

Today the doctor has reported that Hollywood opened her eyes for a full 3 minutes. She wasn't speaking, she wasn't moving but her pupils responded to light and her body responded to pain when one of the nurses pinched her arm, so the doctor say that that is a very good sign, because it shows that the drug that she ingested that causes paralysis, is beginning to wear off, and the others should start wearing off shortly too since they were all taken at the same time. Unfortunately, after 3 minutes, she slipped back into a coma on her own, without the medicine, so she still needs more time for recovery, but doctors are confident that she may be up soon. Her body is still accepting liquid food, nutrients and vitamins through her IV tube which is also a good sign, as it shows her stomach is no longer paralyzed and the effects of the drugs are rapidly disappearing. More info if available, will be made public later on by her doctor, so stay tuned. In other news, the day that NiNi went missing, PSR had a LIVE press conference to address their issues and their in house and outhouse drama, and they made a pact to put it all to the side and stay drama free. Although, pretty no one, not even their fans believed them, they seem to be keeping their word, at least for now. Enemies are now working  together and it hasn't been the smallest amount of drama at the label since the announcement. And bad enemies Nicki and KC have teamed up to set up charities to support NiNi and many other in house enemies are teaming up with each other, Its said that Nick and KC are also teaming up to collab soon, and that the twins are working to continue their career as a group. Big question though that everyone wants to know is are they doing all of this because of NiNi, or just to make good on their word, or are they really serious about changing? No one knows right now, we just have to wait and see if they slip up. Some say they give them a week until it goes  back to normal, others have faith in them and say they will accomplish it and really be the greatest label in America. Although the entire PSR clique is still at war with TAY and Young Money, sources say they are just avoiding those situations right now, and focusing on being better people, better musicians, and better artists overall. Sounds good, lets see how long they can go......:)

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