Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Search Is On For The Queen

Number 1 and Number 2 ( B and KP) have reportedly shelled out over 10 million dollars combined to organize a search party for NiNi, with a reward of 15 million to whoever finds her and gets her help. They have called on the worlds greatest search and rescue teams across the globe, many of them responsible for finding kidnapped children and adults. They use dogs and other animals to find  missing people, and the best people are on the job. NiNi hasn't been seen or heard from since Tuesday afternoon. At around 1:30pm, her bodyguard security posted outside her house say she entered her house and never came out. A search of her house yesterday did not find her and police say the windows weren't unlocked, she wasn't in the attic, the basement or any of the 7 rooms in the house, in fact they say its as if she was never there, like she entered the house and just disappeared. Being that NiNi has a history of suicide attempts, many fear the worst, but no one is giving up on her. She is currently not on any medicine, as doctors who have treated her in the past say that they found no evidence of mental disease in her brain when they did X-Rays, MRI's and CT Scans of her. Many doctors feel that, she is not suffering from true mental disease, but that she is suffering from a form of mental disease called Stress Related Syndrome, which is bought on when extreme cases of stress are present. It is not a true form of mental disease, because true mental disease is present always and only meds can calm it down, SRD only comes to light when severe stress presents itself to the individual, and with NiNi, stress is apart of her daily work because of the type of job she has. Still, doctors warn, that even though she may not have a true mental disease, the stress can be overwhelming to the individual and the risk of suicide is just as high as in a patient with true mental disease, so she is still very much in danger from herself. Its at least 5-600 people searching for her in the entire state of Georgia, some are in Chicago, where PSR is located, some are in the entire state of Texas where she is said to have another house and some are in her favorite hang out spots such as Virginia and Oakland. Many PSR fans, PSR artists, NiNi's artists and their fans, and her friends have went on LIVE TV to beg her to come home and not to hurt herself, and they reminded her of her children, her husband and her family who needs her. Other people from the media have also joined in the #SupportForNini (that's the new hashtag) such as her old enemy MiMi, Gaga and Avril Lavigne. Others are Britney Spears, Miley  the Jackson Family and even some Young Money artists such as Drake, Bow Wow, Mystikal, Juvinile and Baby have joined in. Where is NiNi. Its a scary thought to think she may be laying in a ditch somewhere. Earlier today, a driver on Route 36 in ATL reported seeing a female laying on the side of the road as he was driving by . Immediately, people feared that that was NiNi, but when officers went to the scene they discovered the woman not there and thought it was a prank, but later found out it was just a woman returning home from her birthday party and was so drunk she passed out for a second, by the time officers arrived over 300 people had called in to report the possibility of it might being NiNi, but she woke up and returned home just as the cops were on their way to the scene. She later apologized for scaring so many people and said she is never drinking again. Many fans across all 50 states are also keeping any eye out for NiNi, so as you can see everyone is involved in this, and everyone is super scared at what can be said of where she is. Being that her husband isn't known of how to get in contact with, we can't contact him, but we hope to hear a statement maybe from him, but that's if he knows something that no one else does.......Stay tuned for more info on this massive nationwide search........

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