Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To "B" Or Not To "B" + KC New Album Coming 3/1


Yesterday we announced that Queen B might be finally signing with the label she so rightfully deserves to be at. Since 2011 when PSR first was created, everyone said that B should be there, but she stuck at Columbia and didn't even make her own label, but now its said that her contracts are getting fucked at Columbia, and her main girl stepped in and offered her a helping hand, and told her to sign with PSR. But the question is, is this true or not? This story is still unconfirmed, since neither queen is responding to any of our requests for comments. Many people are excited about the possible new home of B, in fact, they are so excited, many people threatened to burn down Columbia Records just to make sure she has nowhere else to go and has no choice to sign to PSR. Yeah I believe them, don't you? If you don't, click here.......A series of things have happened at Columbia Records. Someone broke many windows by throwing rocks and other heavy things at it, then a small fire popped off in front of the building. No one was arrested since their security is not as strict as PSR, but seems like the fans are doing everything they can to see B at PSR. And it was over 500 million tweets (Nope, I'm not exaggerating) today supporting that decision. But my advice, and my 2 cents is, chill the hell out!!!, because this may not even be real, and it probably never was any discussion about it, so before you go out and start killing people and cause chaos, why don't you wait to hear from one of the queens and see if this is true first? Of course, that's just my opinion. In other news, KC has announced her 5th PSR album will be released MARCH 1ST 2015. Her album is seriously anticipated and the announcement excited many of her fans and PSR fans. Click here to check out her announcement. There still is no title for the new album. It is said this album will have her bestie turned enemy Nicki on it, so that should be exciting huh?

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