Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dinah's Interview Stirs Up In House Drama With The Boss

Dinah, the lead singer of the PSR group Fifth Harmony, did an interview today, but many feel that she took sub shots at her own boss during the interview. She spoke on the Drake beef that she currently is in, and she was asked how that started and she replied 'I honestly don't know, I always had nothing but respect for that man and what he does, I played his music in my car, so when he called me out it was like a slap in the face, like what did I ever do to you? but that's the thing, umm...this industry is so fake you have big names that attack smaller names for pub (that means publicity) and I think the whole situation was about pub, to see where I'm at as an artist and I get that, but still, it's a matter of growth, and where's he's at in his career, he ain't thirsty he don't need to be doing things like that, he ain't hungry you know, so its just a matter of who you hang around and what your intentions are' Then the line heard round the world, she further went on to say "Alot of people see the glamour, the fashion the fame, the money whatever and they're like "Oh I wanna be like her or him and this and that" but all that stuff comes at a price, and when you're working around negative people, negative things happen, some people only focus on the main ones, and the rest are just there to fill the label roster and dealing with situations like that, you can't artistically grow because you have no support from the main ones who are supposed to support you, because no matter what, if anyone, male, female just in general whoever, not even a celebrity says that they can make it on their own, they are lying point blank period" In case you guys didn't catch it, the reason why so many feel that that line was a sub at NiNi is because she said 'some people only focus on the main ones, and the rest are just there to fill the label roster" Its well known who the main ones are at PSR, that's Tinashe, Lena, Demi, Nicki, China, KP, and Kat, and coincidentally, those are the main ones that's blowing up the hugest, you don't even hear about the rest of PSR most of the time unless they're in drama, and yes it has been said plenty of times that those main ones would be the only ones at PSR if it was possible to have only 7 people on a label, and then Dinah just so happens to say all of that, about the main ones, and about the rest just being to fill the roster, think about it. It's very random of her to bring that up when she was talking about Drake, and in the past, its been said that Fifth Harmony are unhappy because they aren't getting promoted or marketed enough at PSR, and are tired of taking the backseat  to the 'main ones'. but that rumor died down after the group started getting more popular, but regardless though, the real truth is is that besides those main ones, the other PSR artists are not well promoted and even NiNi once said that she is making an effort to give more support to everyone, because she notices others are waiting for their light and they aren't getting it, so hey, maybe Dinah, is referring to that. When we tried to contact Dinah for comment on that interview, she was unavailable and so was NiNi. So is this #PSRPACT about to come to an end? Is it about to be NiNi VS Dinah? The other four girls from Fifth Harmony hasn't been available for comment either.....

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