Monday, February 23, 2015

PSR Has Small Fire + NiNi Cuts The Booty Show

Tons of fire engines rushed to the PSR building today on account of a call about a fire. The way the fire started is because of a security guard who is posted outside all day and night. It was his break and he took a smoke break and Tina called him inside for a second, and he flicked his cigarette, and according to the camera's he flicked it away from the building, but the wind caused it to change directions and fly back inside the building, which landed in a garbage can in the building and started the fire. Being  that security guards are allowed to take lunch and smoke breaks, he wasn't doing anything wrong, but it is unknown if the guard will be fired or not. The fire quickly spread in the lobby of the building and only destroyed a quarter of it, but no gold plaques were damaged and no major things were damaged. The couches in the lounge and some of the curtains caught fire and some of the flooring, and the total damage is only about 790 dollars, so it wasn't too bad. PSR will be closed for a couple days while they repair the destroyed part of the lobby. The security guard reportedly feels terrible and he cried because he felt it was his fault, even though most of the PSR staff and crew tried to comfort him and told him it wasn't his fault, but that isn't confirmed. Stay tuned. In other news, the new TV show "Celebrity Booties" was a big hit when it first premiered on MTV back in early 2014, and NiNi's butt was always the main feature, and she always displayed her displeasure with it for showing unauthorized images of her butt and body, and being that she rules the entertainment game, she shut it down and had it cancelled. So its no more "Celebrity Booties" and she posted "Shows like that are degrading to women, not just myself but to every woman in the world, and I don't like it, so I did something about it #hahahaha" But many people say she is a hypocrite because she shakes her best asset on stage and shows it off whenever she can, like she wants the attention of sex sells, but when someone honors her for it, she shuts it down, how do you guys feel about that???

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