Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ye Does Interview On Hot 97 Airs Out Everything + Legends Tour Continues

Today, Ye did an interview with Hot 97 the popular new york radio station, on the breakfast club,where he talked a little bit about everything from his niece, his wife and B not liking each other, to his marriage and daughter, to Amber Rose, to Tyga and his sister in laws rumored relationship, to his outburst at the Grammy's over Beck winning over the two queens. He said that when it comes down to it, Kim, B and NiNi are friends, the media wants a beef, so they  are making it seem that way, but he says that B is like his best girl friend, and NiNi is family, so he knows for sure, that they aren't having issues with Kim, he then went on to joke saying "Maybe that have a Lebron and Kobe kinda thing (laughs) nah I ain't say that" (He's referring to Lebron James and Kobe Bryant being friends but still having their friend issues) but he says its really no where near as bad as the media makes it out to be (hate) He also says that he apologizes for his outbursts at the Grammys but he still sticks by his original way that the queens should've won. "Its like, what more do they need, that's the society we live in now, because the queens are super rich and have everything, people like what more do they really need, that's why when people just start out they win everything because they don't have nothing, but when you get to the queens level you have it all, so nobody wants to vote you, but they don't respect the hard work you still put in regardless of how big you are and that bothers me, so I stand up for what's right" He further talked about how he had to take 30 showers before Kim would sleep with him because of his relationship with Amber Rose and said that "nobody wants to be  involved with you after coming from someone like that, we all know how she is" He had a full 1 hour interview and spoke on his upcoming PSR projects, the #PSRPACT, the beefs, Taylor and pretty much everything including bringing North with him to important events and the people who say they should quote "leave her little ass home" Click here to check out his interview on the breakfast club. In other news, the "Legends Tour" continues. It went on break for a little while, but now T, N &C (What they are now known as) is continuing the 1st arm of the tour starting in Washington DC right down the street from the white house and all 3 have strict rules that Obama is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL. Michelle and and their daughters are invited, but the president is under no circumstances invited, and since this isn't a public event like the Superbowl, they have control over who comes to their show. Obama's reaction pissed people off he was quoted as saying 'Oh please, all 3 need to grow up and act their ages' But its controversy with this statement because its said that his words were seriously twisted up by a media outlet trying to get something else started. Who cares though, tickets are on sale now, the most expensive seats are front row at 5,000 a seat, but with the legend trio, its well worth it. A full schedule of the rest of the legend tour will be available on the PSR site later on, hopefully  they come to your city. Click here to purchase your tickets for the almost sold out Washington DC show tonight at 9pm (3 nosebleed seats are available and 15 front rows are still available)


johnny1 said...

most say that interview was conceited of him, idc i like ye lol

johnny1 said...

it was tho how u gonna say ur wife ass is what made her famous and that amber rose wouldn't be anybody if he got with kim before her, yo my nigga, the only reason kim is famous at all is because of ray j lets keep it real, kim has no talent at all