Saturday, February 28, 2015

NiNi Responds To Electrik Red Subs, Many Say They Got Owned

NiNi obviously is trying to get everyone on the same level, yet people are still complaining, mainly the ones who have been the most vocal is Electrik Red, and even after NiNi apologized, they still are talking shit. Yesterday, they subbed hard at B and Jamie Lynn during an interview But for all their bad girl talk and acting hard, they didn't even defend themselves today when NiNi called them out, and many say  they got owned and sources say they are embarrassed by it, but hey, you really don't wanna go against the boss  right. NiNi posted "@TheRealElectrikRed, y'all got something to say, because here's the time to air out whatever y'all wanna air out, don't throw subs, keep it 100, y'all got it all twisted, and I'm beyond super sick of y'all like a disease, so what up, got something to say non sub?? #whatsreallygood" Everyone thought that it was about to be a full twitter war with them and the boss, but they didn't do anything to defend themselves, and they replied @TheRealNiNi, No, it was wrong of us to do that, we are all sorry" Many say that was the most pitiful response ever being  that NiNi called them out hard and semi disrespected them, and by  them responding with a weak response, it created the new hashtag #OWNED. Sources report that NiNi wasn't trying to embarrass them, she is just fed up with them making subs towards her and PSR when its no one Else's fault but hers, but they're putting the whole label down in a sub way. But regardless, its said that they are severely embarrassed and after all the jokes and people picking on them about their response , its said they all left work because it was getting too bad to the point people were making dog and cat noises at them as they walked by and throwing  things at them. But NiNi, as mentioned above, didn't intentionally do that, and she posted something else to the fans she said "Ay, lets get one thing clear, I'm aware that I posted on a public site, so I expect everyone to know what's going on, but this is a personal issue, it has nothing to do with ANY FUCKING BODY besides me and them, so cut the shit, or I swear you will never get another show from me again, they aren't punks, most of you can get it quick with them, they just know the right time to respond and the wrong time #ImNotPlaying" After that, everyone shut  the  hell up, and didn't say anything more about them. (Wow must be nice to have that kind of power) Anyways, Electrik Red may have responded to her defending them as they simply posted:   :) ♥"....Was that their response to her defending them? Maybe.....NiNi also claims that there is no beef between them, just regular boss/artist issues and that it will get worked out. Click here to view their tweets, or you can look above at the beginning of this blog.........Do you feel they got owned?


johnny1 said...

Why the text get all small at the end

johnny1 said...

I say owned

johnny1 said...

Nobody owned anybody just b quiet