Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tay Returns And Posts Things On Her Ex Besties And PSR, But Is It Real?

Taylor has been missing for almost 3 weeks, but she is back now, sources close to her say she has been curled up in a ball in her house since she came back and is not coming to work and people are seriously worried about her, but seems like she is well enough to posts stuff on Insta and Twitter. Today a bunch of stuff came from her Insta account and her Twitter account such as a picture with Selena's head on the body of a  lady with no boobs (severely flat chested) with the caption "This is what Lena looks like with no clothes #nothingtosuck" Then"she"posted things directed at Nessa and Demi such as "Nessa, how much is 2 +1? remember I asked you that and you said "5" #dizzyairhead" Then "she" went after Demi posting "your singing voice is like a bullet, because everytime I hear it, I die a little inside #catmeow"  Only responded so far was Nessa who posted "And what is 0 +1? Oh that's how many fans you have, and how much is NO + TALENT? Do the math,  its what you don't have nor will you ever have trick, I run you ma I make this look easy #OWNED" She also went after PSR and NiNi with at least 33 other posts humiliating  them with fake pics and such, but her manager spoke up and said that the tweets, insta posts and pictures are not from her. He says her account was hacked, check out his statement "Its literally impossible for Taylor to have posted anything today, I personally know she is home, without any access to a computer, cell phone or any technology whatsoever, that woman is not speaking eating or even moving, let alone goon a social media site and post garbage like that, someone hacked into her Twitter an Instagram accounts and posted it as if from her which I think someone is trying to add onto something that's already very serious right now and when the individual responsible is caught that person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" The images and tweets have been deleted, and her accounts are said to be getting deleted since someone has access to them, still who knows someone better then someone you known your whole life? Selena posted "I call bull, that shit wasn't fake, that has her all over it, I know how she talk, she never makes any sense with what she says little bitch #playedout" The minister  Farah Khan who is responsible for ending many feuds like Lil Flip and Tip for example who sits them down with each other and talk thing out, tried to reach out and help end this Tay and PSR war because it is  really beginning to get serious, more serious then any other war in history, maybe only second to Big and Pac, but PSR told him where to go, so they aren't hearing it. So are these messages and pics actually from Tay herself, and someone is covering for her? or was she really hacked. We are digging we will try and let you know......Click here to check out the tweets, messages and pics from "Taylor"

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