Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is B Signing With PSR? + Nini Apologizes To Her Team

Multiple sources report that number 1 will be signing to PSR in the next few weeks and apparently, PSR is super excited about it. B hasn't confirmed this directly neither has Nini, so it's unknown If this is true or not, but we sure as fuck hope it is. In other news, obviously Nini has hears all her artist's complaints and she Blames herself. She posted "I'm so sorry, I promise I will be a better leader for you guys, and everyone will have shine, it's my fault and I know that, but I promise to make it all right for you guys, on my life :(" Looks like it is true that PSR is only catering to the most royal and main people, but looks like Nini is about to change that, let's wait and see how.....Click here to check out her full  apology statement....

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