Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nini Refuses To Perform The Bowl If Obama Will Be In Attendance

My oh my, seems like it may be another year where we don't get to see the queen perform the halftime show. It's been quite a huge deal when we found out that the queen will be performing the halftime, so much that it's been countless merchandise to promote her performance and Contests to meet and greet with her the whole non. But now, all of that may have been for nothing when apparently Nini got word that Obama will be in the pregame and be in the attendance of the actual show and it's said that Nini told the superbowl promoters "it's either him or me" take your pick. Naturally since her performing there and how much buzz her name is creating for them they immediately chose her, but technically since he's the leader of the world they legally can not tell him to leave, they can lose their job and never be able to get another one forever. So they told Nini to tell him herself since if she tells him she's uncomfortable with his presence he can choose to leave if he wants. But Nini said she doesn't want nor will she ever say one word to him, so they sent over an assistant to tell him that Nini is about to back out and that she doesn't want him there. It's said that his response was "I know of the issues she has with me and normally I will respect her wishes but I have been waiting to see my team the almighty patriots back at the bowl, and this is something I can not and will not miss for the world, so uh please tell her I apologize but I am unable to accept her plea, but I will work it out to where she does not have to see me throughout the entire night" When his word got back to Nini she is reported to have said "welp fuck that I'm out bye" They tried desperately to convince her to stay even offering her more money (although she's already being at least 2.7 million dollars along with katy to perform) as well as special presidential VIP treatment and more floor time, but sources say she was quote "Just being too stubborn" The two are already at the stadium and everything is all set, and they both received their pay in advance, but the queen is willing to give it back. It's said that Katy also tried to convince her to stay, but that isn't confirmed. It's been no further word if she will still do the show or not, but for now just keep it fresh in your minds that Katy might be flowing solo tonight. Stay tuned for more details on this......

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