Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Music

Today we got 2 new songs, which are both dope and doing really well. 1st is Nicki with a song called "All Hail The P" Just reading the title many people including us unfortunately, thought she was referring kno.....a woman's "P" But listen to the song and the P stands for the label at which she's at "PSR" It's basically a rep your home type song and she puts PSR even higher on the map with this song. She literally names every PSR artist and finds a word that rhymes with their name and puts it all together and it's really dope produced by Stain and quickly stole the number 1 spot and despite all her drama, nicki never disappoints with her lyrical ability. Click here to check out "All Hail The P" by Nick. Last is ArI with a song called "Bail Out" which features Niqniq and Nini. It's a dope beat produced by Nini and it has stolen the number 2 spot so far. It also has contrubuting vocals by Azalea Banks and Iggy who have background vocals. Click here to check out "Bail Out" By ArI Ft NiqNiq and Nini. More new music coming soon from the platinum crew. P.S no new info on whether NinI will be performing the show tonight or not, stI'll digging for more info.....

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