Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Did Jason Derulo Leave PSR??? + Is There A New Movie From NiNi Coming Soon, Usual Suspects?

Any of you guys aware that Jason Derulo is not with PSR anymore, and hasn't been for the past 2 weeks? We sure as hell didn't. His termination must've been under the radar because it was not in the news or the tabloids at all. We only found out now because he announced to his fans that he signed with Hit Em Up Records" and made everyone scratch their heads because for the past year and a half, maybe 2, he's been PSR, so where the hell is this coming from? We contacted NiNi to ask her about what's going on, but she denied any comment saying 'I love you guys, but leave me alone k" and Jason Derulo has not responded to requests for comments, and his handlers are brushing us off. So why did J Derulo get dropped from PSR? Did he leave? Was he fired? and if so why? and why was it a secret when anyone else who ever got dropped from PSR was all over the place? These are questions that are going unanswered and may stay unanswered unless someone speaks up. In other news, rumors are circulating that NiNi will be making a new movie soon sponsored by PSR Cinemas and that it will feature all the  usual partners in crimes like the other queen and Jay, as well as new movie faces like Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Reginae Carter. The reason why this rumor started is unknown, since NiNi never made any official announcements yet, but is there a new movie from her and her crew coming soon? We hope so, since all her movies have killed the box office. Stay tuned for more info on this.....

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