Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rumors Continue + Marques Houston Drops New Song

Chanel Iman
The rumors about NiNi's husband Beith and runway model Chanel Iman continue to dominate the industry. Today sources are reporting that more pictures have been released from the two and the pictures show Chanel walking into his house. Sources say that Chanel was spotted entering Beith's house at around 1:30am this morning, and she is said to have kissed him before she went in. On top of that, Chanel posted another subliminal tweet, she posted "Had so much fun last night, damn something is seriously big lol" (Think about it) Both of them still haven't made any statements so we don't know, but we will find out. Sources also say that she did an interview and said "it was an affair, but its over now" But that is unconfirmed.... In other news, Marques Houston (In the never heard of category) has released his FIRST PSR song today. Marques has been with PSR since early 2013 and he is JUST releasing his first song (that's sad) Its called "Shorty Bad" Its an R&B song and he actually does really well and many people are digging it. It still isn't taking the number 1 spot but it is at number 3 which is still really good. The song is produced by Jay Will and Meth and they are very well known very talented producers. Click here to check out "Shorty Bad" by Marques Houston...............
Marques Houston

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