Sunday, July 27, 2014

NiNi Speaks On Cheating Rumors

The world went into a state of chaos when rumors popped off that music's most powerful couple might be divorcing due to cheating on Beith's part. Everyone loves the royal couple and no one is ready to see them divorce at all, it was even some reports of fans crying that it might be a possibility that it will no longer be a NiNi and Beith anymore (yes their relationship is apart of us an it has grown on all of us) But you can stop worrying now, because NiNi made a statement addressing those rumors and she says that their love is quote "very real" She mentioned that Chanel is involved in the "dark side" of the entertainment industry (we all know what that means) and that's the reason for the rumors. She denied any cheating on either part and in her own way,  she also denied the divorce rumors as well. Chanel has not responded to the statement yet and Beith still is unavailable for comment. The pictures are said to be fake and photoshopped. Click here to listen to NiNi's statement.

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