Monday, July 28, 2014

Miley And Selena Take Charge

Everyone is wondering why NiNi is still in the hospital, but Miley and Selena the two who have been holding it down the most for the queen, are done with wondering, they want answers and they want them now. They started a huge rally/protest on the streets of London, mainly in front of the hospital where they are demanding answers on what is going on with NiNi. Police had to come down to make sure things didn't get outta hand, and they were by the dozen. Selena had a huge megaphone in her hand screaming things out like "Doctors whats the problem, are we speaking for our health. Miley had all the fans rocking "Get Well" shirts and holding Pickett signs with her. In London a protest in the streets is legal as long as it doesn't get rowdy and fights break out and at this point that's not what the protest is about, "we just want to find out what the hell is going on with the queen!" (in the words of Miley) They had fans cheering and all in a frenzy and they are still out there and in the words of Selena "They aren't leaving until the lazy doctors get off their asses and tell us something" (Can you say...LOYAL) Doctors still haven't come out yet, lets hope they will soon. Sources say that other PSR members, including the ones who were suspended are on their way down too, we have a feeling its about to packed on those streets. Fans and paparazzi and news outlets are all recording and showing it live. Say what you want about Miley and Selena but they definitely know how to take charge. Click here to see footage of whats going on.....



johnny1 said...

Man that aint loyal they just all on her head tryna kiss up to the boss

johnny1 said...

probably but maybe its not