Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NiNi Has A Stalker And Someone Who's Blackmailing Her

NiNi has a total of 6 stalkers which are all women, but we have confirmation that she has a new stalker and this one is a man. Sources say he constantly calls the PSR building and shows up looking for NiNi and sends letters and love poems. He always gets the boot from security but he shows up. Police are looking for this guy and sources say he is on his way to London to see her and police are posted in front of the hospital to hopefully catch him. The man still hasn't been identified yet...Not only that but someone is blackmailing NiNi. An anonymous letter released through the newspaper today and it says "Nisha is a very naughty little girl and I know that for a fact, she has a man at home, but what happens when women get lonely or bored with their men? I want 100 million dollars NiNi, cash or I will answer  that question. See its a brilliant invention called photos, don't make me tell everyone what I'll do with them, and trust me its alot of pictures of things you do that hubby wont wanna see, you'll receive instructions in the mail, go 2 the police and someone might end up dead" Police are trying to figure out who this person is, and he or she will be prosecuted to the the fullest extent of the law. PSR has spoken up and says that they are getting an ever better security system and they are hiring extra police, bodyguards and security to protect NiNi. The letter is anonymous so no one knows where it came from, but police are dusting it for fingerprints to try and find the sender. This is getting big and it is all over. Stay tuned for more info on it.

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