Monday, July 28, 2014

Keisha Chante And RiRi Have Stalkers + Nicki Delays Anaconda Release

Ri Ri and Keisha Chante's world is not safe as they both have been getting harassed and stalked by creepy men. RiRi's stalker showed up to her house a total of 10 times this month dropping off threatening letters at the front of her door and calling her out of her name. He also mailed some letters to her home in California a little while back. Keisha has a stalker as well and he is showing up every where she goes and he too is showing up to her house which made her get extra security to post in front of it. He too sends letters to her house and the PSR building and sometimes stands across the street from the PSR building for hours until Keisha goes on break or goes home. Both women have hired extra security and police presence to be around them at all times. Police are currently searching for these two men. In other news, Nicki has delayed her new single "Anaconda" for unknown reasons. It was supposed to drop today, but she didn't drop it and left us with no explanation. We were looking forward to the song but as you all know,  Nicki is famous for announcing dates and delaying them, that's why we should never pay attention when she mentions a date. Sources say that it wont be a long delay and that the cause was because she still has more tweaking to do to make it perfect, but we aren't sure if that is the actual reason. Some say that NiNi killed the project because she thought it was quote "stupid" but that isn't known either. Maybe we'll find out, maybe we wont. Were you guys looking forward to "Anaconda" today? *Update* Rihanna's stalker named as Kevin Geyne has been arrested in New York after being captured on security camera's entering Rihanna's building dropping another letter by her door. He is being held without bail and since he has a history of stalking, threatening and trespassing, he may be behind those bars for a long time. Keisha's stalker still is on the loose, and authorities believe he is hiding somewhere either in New Hampshire, or Virgina and they are still looking for him.
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