Monday, July 28, 2014

Miley And Selena Win But It Doesnt Make Us Happy + Kid Ink New Song

All day Selena and Miley have been out on the streets of London, protesting the doctors for choosing to remain silent on why NiNi hasn't been released from the hospital, and the protest worked as doctors came outside and addressed the humongous crowd, but what they said didn't make us really too happy. This is what the head doctor said "While we do appreciate your continued support, we ask that you break up this protest as to respect our patients. The protest is becoming too noisy and it is heard inside and preventing patients who really need sleep from getting it. However, due to the overwhelming requests on Miss Nisha's condition, we will give you details on her at this time. The reason why Mrs Nichols has not been released is because she has developed a condition called "Cirrhosis"which is an minor infection of the liver due to a tear in the sac wall. She required another operation to correct the tear which was successfully completed 2 days ago, and she is recovering. The tear was very small and it was very minor so is expected to have no long term damage from that, her extra stay is just a precaution so that we may monitor her for any changes as needed. She will not need very long recovery time from the procedure and everything else with her is running normally. She is expected to be released between Wednesday and Thursday of this week, please be patient and allow us to do our jobs. We want to make sure she is 100% before releasing her because due to her returning to the United States, we need to make sure she doesn't develop any problems on the plane or upon returning home. We ask that you please disperse for the time being, thank you" Some people cried at that statement, others seemed sad but some still are happy that she isn't too bad and she will be out this week. The statement is being heard around the world, click here to listen to it. In other news, Kid Ink (Never heard of category) has released a new song  today which is his 3rd since signing with PSR 9 months ago. Its titled "Brand New" It released through his official website and its creating a buzz, however it is not yet in the top 5 of the charts, but it still is receiving positive reviews. Click here to check out "Brand New" by Kid Ink (prod. by Jay Rock-also never heard of category)



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