Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kyla Pratt And NiNi Actually Collabed + NiNi Still Isnt Out

We all know Kyla Pratt is an actress, but she is hell of a good singer too. A song dropped today by NiNi Ft Kyla titled "On My New New" We have no idea where this song came from but its dope and within 77 minutes it stole the number one spot and it has the music world on fire and the streets. We were never aware that Kyla was into music, but then again we didn't know Snooki or Kim K was either but NiNi did collabs with both of them and they both blew up and this one is too. Its basically hip-hop combined with R&B and the two chicks who are said to look so much alike do great! The song is produced by Roscoe Dash and he made a bomb beat. Kyla announced today over Twitter and said "You guys love it? That's amazing I was hoping you did :)" Click here to check out "On My New New" by NiNi Ft Kyla Pratt. In other news, NiNi was supposed to be released from the hospital today, but we still have no word that she has been released yet. Maybe later on tonight., We will let you guys know when the queen is out....
Kyla Pratt

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johnny1 said...

Kyla actually sounds pretty good