Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nicki Releases Cover For New Single (WOW) +Electrik Red And B.B.O.D Beef?

Nicki Minaj is releasing her new single "Anaconda" tomorrow and today she released the cover for it and its having many people open their mouths wide and holding it there for hours. The photo focuses on her main ASSet and its hard not to have your mouth water, whether you're male or female. Fans and celebs are reacting to the photo like Iggy for example who posted "I wanna go to sleep on dat pillow doe" Nicki responded "LMFAOOOOOOOOOO! IGGYYYYYY!!!" Then she retweeted her post. The photo certainly is attracting alot of publicity and Nicki knows how to attract (wink wink) Its not weird to hear Iggy saying something like that as she is openly bisexual, and other PSR artists are making their own sexual jokes about the photo. Nicki explained why she decided to do that for the cover (who cares why, just do more) Click here to see what she said. In other  news, PSR groups Electrik Red and B.B.O.D are said to be having a feud, but we don't have much details on why or when it started. All we know is that sources claim its because of Alex from the hip-hop girl group LiV another PSR group. Alex is said to be dating Sexxy Lexxy and she is getting inside of Lexxy's head causing her to change on her group and causing her to start drama with Electrik Red because Alex doesn't like them, so if this is true this will be the first ever "17some beef" That's all we know that and we don't even know if this is true. We will find out. Speaking of LiV, they are also going to be releasing a song soon which will be their 5th since signing with PSR back in June (too early to be getting into beefs already don't ya think?) They are said to be releasing it sometime next week,. Click here to read the article about this supposed mega huge beef that's alleged to be going on....
Nicki Minaj "Anaconda"

Electrik Red

B.B.O.D Crew

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