Sunday, July 27, 2014

K.Michelle Off Tour And In The Studio + NiNi Still Not Out

K.Michelle just finished her world tour. She was on tour since November of last year and it ended yesterday. Now she is back at PSR and in the studio she posted 'Dam, lots been going on since I been gone huh? I'm on mah grind back in the studio working on this album I'm dedicating all my time to this new album. 2 new singlez I'm dropping Monday and Tuesday, y'all gon tell me what u think right #KeepItReal" We haven't been hearing much music from her since she was on tour, but now that she is back, people are excited to hear what new material she has to offer. We don't know when her album will be released but it will be her 2nd PSR album and its quickly becoming highly anticipated.Sources say the album will be titled "Full Time" Click here to check out her post. In other news, fans continue to rally outside of the hospital with confusion wondering why NiNi is still in there. She was supposed to get out yesterday but we have had no word on why she didn't. Doctors are not releasing any details and many people are getting nervous again wondering if she's OK. We are trying to get some info, if and when we do, we will let you know....

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