Thursday, April 9, 2015

Zendaya Bankrupt? + Katy Going On New World Tour For Upcoming Album


Multiple sources report that Zendaya has filed for bankruptcy because she is DEAD BROKE. All artists have expenses to pay back to the label once they're signed,  she just recently finished paying the label back the 90 million advance she got when she was signed,   but the problem is despite her mega success in music acting touring and endorsements, she still is bringing in less money and she's owing more money then she's making. Sources close to her say she's in the hole for another advance on her new album for PSR which is 223 million, then she owes over 45 million in back taxes to the IRS and with her touring and business expenses and music video production costs it's well over 100 million dollars she owes and her net worth at the moment is a little over 60 million. It's said she filed chapter 7 yesterday which means that creditors leave her alone until she is able to get herself right but it also means until the bankruptcy wears off her credit will be wiped and she can not apply for any loans or get any kind of credit whatsoever.  Its Said That NiNi Offered To help her but she couldn't accept it but that's unconfirmed.  She has to rely on her endorsements for X-Out and her Disney show which is still bringing her a nice chunk of change but with all the debt she owes she's pretty much working for free since she isn't seeing a dime of it. We hope she gets back on her feet soon it's always tough to see a real talented artist not being able to enjoy the rewards for all their hard work. In other news here's something you "Katy Kats" will enjoy. Miss KP is gearing up for a brand new world tour in preperation for her upcoming 6th PSR album "Katylicious" and its called "The Katylicious Tour" which will be a 52 city tour stretching 7 months starting early next month and her album will be dropping at the start of the tour. In unrelated news about her, she got a new tat which is her 8th of a hello kitty cat face to "Honor all my katy-kats" She posted it on insta today and that's what she captioned it as. Click here to see it. It's nice.....

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