Monday, April 20, 2015

NiNi Has New Movie To Be Released Soon

We just was blessed with NiNi's newest movie "Karma" early this month which dominated and continues to dominate the box office and is very successful. Now we have word that she is directing producing and starring (or making a cameo) in another movie which source snitches say is a horror film and has alot of A-List names in it. We don't have too much info as NiNi guards her movie projects very closely now and so does her actors, crew and cast, but according to our snitch, the movie is over 80% done and is expected for an early summer release, which is in our opinion, the end of May or the Beginning of June, but it can be earlier. NiNi also will be releasing her extremely highly anticipated album and book on June 1st and we have many albums for the famous #MayReleases, so lots of good things coming this summer. We also have a mini list of the supposed cast of the movie. Our snitch reports Idris Elba, Solange, and Number 1 will be starring, but that's all we know at the moment, and those names are remaining quiet as well. According to our snitch, the movie is being shot in Detroit, Vegas, New York, New Jersey and Canada, with film principle mostly being in Detroit. We aren't sure of the concept or plot yet we just know it's supposedly a horror film, and we also have no idea on when the trailer will release. Sources report that the movie is being sponsored by Paramount and Sunset Studio's who green lit the project after reading only half of  the script, and it's said that the budget for the film is over $500,000 which PSR Cinema's, Paramount and Sunset hope to make back when it releases. NiNi tweeted about her new movie today posting "Anybody love horror? I do, I scared myself with this one, special shoutout to @Beith #TheManIsAGenius lol" (Click here to read her tweet) Not sure what that means, but will he be in it? Many of his fans hope so. We still have no word if NiNi will be starring in this movie or just making a cameo like she did in her latest movie "Karma" We are trying to get hit up on more details, but being that the entire cast, crew and whoever else is being silent, the details are coming slow. When we get more info on this movie, we will let you know. Are all you horror fanatics excited about NiNi's newest movie? Stay tuned guys.....

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