Friday, April 10, 2015

LELE'S Revenge Pt.2 + Fans And Celebs React + Lena New Album + JLS New Album



Earlier, Yandy Smith released a very disrespectful diss song which targeted NiNi and her husband and her daughter in a very cowardly way (yup I said it, do something) then NiNi fired back with (LeLe's Revenge") and now more people is in it. Lets face it, NiNi's kids are adorable, and she bought them to the PSR building back in season 2 and many PSR artists fell in love with them so they took offense to Yandy's song as well and its not because of NiNi, its because of Aaleyah AKA LeLe and they all have teamed up with NiNi to create a new real song (not a freestyle) called "LeLe's Revenge PT.2" Which features NiNi, Tinashe, KP, KC, Banks, Iggy, Rita Ora and K. Michelle. They all have teamed up within this short amount of time and made the song and its a mega diss to Yandy as well as the LAHH crew. KP gets gangsta with it and she semi raps, Rita and the rest are already rappers so it's not much of shock but still, its cool to see the homegirls sticking up for their girl. But what about number 1-7? Well KP who is number 2 obviously.was mentioned already....., but don't think that the others are silent. Number 3 4,5 6 , and 7 (that's eminem) have responded, but not through song, but by Twitter. Em called her a Thot bitch and she has nothing better to do but fuck with innocent children to try and make a name for herself. Only person who hasn't spoken up yet is number 1 (which is B) but she's busy we get it. Click here to see 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7's tweets about this going hard at Yandy. Click here to check out "LeLe's Revenge Pt.2. Fans are dragging Yandy to hell and back and they are attacking her all over social media, FB, Twitter, Insta and anything else out there and she has at least a million people bashing her for going to far. The Beyhive, The N"S and the Katy Kat's got involved and Yandy responded to all of them posting I DON'T GIVE 1 FUCK #FUCKTHEBEYHIVE #FUCKTHE"N's" #FUCKTHEKATYKATS #DO SOMETHING #NOREGRETS" Celebs also have reacted to her seriously disrespectful song including J-LO, Princess, Ja-Rule, 50 Cent,Lil Scrappy, Solo, Most of PSR, Russel Simmons, YG, RichBoy, Bow Wow, TIP, Big Sean, Breezy, Jay and hella many more so Yandy has a whole army against her and obviously she doesn't care and she has no regrets. Click here to check  out the new mega diss song against Yandy called "LeLe's Revenge PT.2" Speaking of new material, Jamie Lynn Spears has a new album releasing which is her first, and she's only been at PSR less then 2 months and she is already about to release an album., It is her first and it is due soon. Click here to see what she said about it

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