Thursday, April 16, 2015

NiNi Released, 1 Year Probation, Drops EXTREMELY Controversial Song, Police NOT Happy

The N's have been protesting all night in front of the Atlanta Police Department on their treatment of NiNi and today she was released after going to her trial where she was officially charged with Assaulting a police officer. Since it was her first offense (at least in the state of Georgia) she was let off with the minimum required sentence for that charge which is a $500 fine and  year of probation which begins today. The conditions of her Probation state that she is allowed to leave the country due to the nature of her work, but she must report to her P.O anytime she does and let him or her know how long she will be gone and blah blah blah. She is on limited night activities, which means she still can hang with the girls and hit up nightclubs and bars but she has a curfew and must leave after at midnight. If she breaks any of the rules, she will be sent to prison for a minimum of 24 months, which is 2 years. Police aren't happy and felt that the judge went easy on her due to who she is and they have made their anger public in saying the judge favored her, and that if she didn't actually have to sentence her because she's a judge, she would've let her walk free. The cops who pushed all on NiNi have been suspended for 6 months without pay and they are angry also (check separate article here for details on them) But the police now have a reason to be mad because as soon as she got out she dropped a highly controversial song called #FTP which is a hashtag meaning 'Fuck Tha Police" and just like when N.W.A did a song like that back in the day, they were bashed by every cop in LA and the same is happening here. But NiNi recruited her 'dad" in her song Mr Hova, and he too is now facing backlash for the song. The flip side is, every 'regular person" and celebrity person is seriously praising the song and it hit number 1 in less then an hour replacing out MiMi and NiNi's newest song. But cops are seriously against the song and they want it shut down, but since they have no say so in the music game, they can't do anything about it, and although they can maybe get a fine for defamation (which means disrespecting) against the police, they can not arrest her because she didn't do anything but record a song. The song is brutal and it talks about vicious things like murdering cops and chopping their heads off and getting revenge for all the recent black people that they killed for no reason. Jay doesn't go too hard in this, he just refers to his upbringing in Brooklyn where he always  got picked on by them because of the color of his skin, NiNi is the one who goes HAM, I'm talking Eminem Ham and she screams, shouts, curses, and laughs insane, she sounds like a crazy person on that song and she sounds hella scary. Multiple fans report that they love the song but the way she sounds on it will give them nightmares for a month. The beat is also dark as well, with sirens and gunshots throughout with a deep scary bass line. Its an intense song, and many people are surprised she would drop but still she's being praised by everyone........especially the "numbers" Click here to check out #FTP (Fuck Tha Police) Warning, severe language and violent content is in this song, do not listen if you get easily offended by violence or severe dark nature. Listen at your own risk......

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