Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#PSRPACT Is Officially Dead

The famous #PSRPACT that was started by the PSR crew in order to stop having people call them a "high school" is gone. It started dying when Demi and Lena started beefing, and even though the fans are calling it a "Friendship" beef, that is NOT the case, those two seem as distant as they are with Tay and we can officially say that there probably is NO more friendship with those two, but believe what you want I guess. Then there was Tinashe's and Niq Niq who are still heavily in battle (that was the heart attack and coma), and recently fought twice, one of which NiNi had to break up, and they are still at it. Now it's Nicki and Rita, (that's the death) 3 strikes and you're out. Rita and Nicki are no strangers to beefing, when they both signed with PSR, which was only 2 weeks apart, they entered a bloody war, but ended it with a collab song, but obviously that was fake and for publicity because the two are still very much at war. They engaged in a huge Twitter war today for over an hour and many threats were made from each side. It seemed to start over the most evil thing in the world.........MONEY. Apparently, Rita owes Nick money for appearing on her song last year when they supposedly "made up" and Nick called her out about it posting "Tried to be cool and let it go, but you need to pay me babygirl #reashit, #royalties" Rita responded with "Pay U 4 What?????  That weak ass flow you got?....#RoyaltiesMyAss" Then a brawl over Twitter popped off, and we feel its only a matter of time before a real live physical brawl pops off between those two. Click here to check out their full Twitter brawl (very long so be warned) But even though those beefs are the main famous ones who killed the pact, they aren't the only ones. It's said that its other low key beefs popping off in house including Tamar and K.Michelle (we all know about that) Miranda and KeKe (AGAIN) Niq Niq and Reggie, Fifth Harmony and LiV, B.B.O.D and Electrik Red (AGAIN) and Kendrick Vs Tina (yeah that's the weirdest one) so myself, my team and every fan and every other blogger and media outlet declares that the #PSRPACT is officially #DEAD. It's unfortunate because everyone (except for a few) had so much faith in the pact and they really believed in them. Others knew it wouldn't last and apparently they were right. It's also said that RiRi, who is allegedly the main one who started the #PSRPACT,  is herself involved in a beef with KP (AGAIN) for her recent song with Breezy called "Put It On" Katy started it  though posting "MTFS GET BEAT 2 HELL AND CHEATED ON TIME AFTER TIME AND STILL ITS "PUT IT ON" SMH DUMB BROADS #LIVEYOURLIFE #EVENTHOUGHITSDUMB" Rihanna posted "Stay the fuck outta mines, worry about you not me" But it still is unknown if these two were actually referring to each other, but we sure as hell think they are don't you guys?.....It's many others who are said to  be involved in a beef, in fact it's said that out off all 136 artists on PSR, at least 100 of them are beefing with each other, including the Secretary (Tina) the make up artists, designers, producers, engineers and whoever the hell else. So lets all say #RIPTOPSRPACT (That's the new hashtag) and we feel its appropriate, do you?


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