Monday, April 13, 2015

K.Michelle Announces New Album #MAYRELEASES + Vic New Show Canceled?


K. Michelle is more and more into the reality TV life,and she has earned her spot on the "never heard of category",  but after a huge blow up between her and NiNi on the newest episode of LWN where NiNi told her "you better get your shit together or you can take your shit and go", Miss Michelle is trying to get out of that category and she announced her 2nd PSR album today over Twitter posting "New album coming!!!!! I think "Birthday" would be an awesome title, because that's when its being released and its my "birthday at @PSR so appropriate title, ya think?" Her birthday is May 4th and its also her 2 year anniversary or "birthday" since signing with PSR, so obviously that's when we can expect her album  to release.  Thing is, she hasn't been releasing much besides being a feature in the soundtrack for NiNi's last year movies, "On The Run" and "Carmen 2" so we don't even have any singles from the album, but sources close to her says she has enough material to put together an album, and since she has many fans from her music and reality career, its a very anticipated album, so stay tuned. And on an unrelated note, her and Tamar Braxton (also never heard of category due to the reality BS that they do) are still at it. A few weeks ago, Tamar cried live during an interview about what K and others say about her on their show, and Michelle responded that she shouldn't dish things out if she can't handle what gets dished back. Then they seemingly ended their feud but that was a joke as they both are back on the attack. Click here to see what I mean... In other news, Victoria Justice is one who is definitely beginning to rise in the music world, but her love for acting is still there and her new MTV thriller "Eye Candy" is very popular which started January 12th 2015. The first season has ended, but its being said that although the show attracts over 54 million viewers every episode, MTV states that its not receiving the ratings they originally hoped for and its said that the show may not be renewed for season 2, but Vic is hopeful. Fans have started a petition to keep the show on the air which has already received over 12 thousand supports and they will be submitting it to MTV. Victoria too is releasing her 2nd PSR album in May and its at least 10 albums releasing in may so far, which is Miranda, Ke$ha, Reggie, Fifth Harmony, NiqNiq, KC, Monica Spears, Tinashe, China and Jamie Lynn Spears, and now its K.Michelle and Vic which makes 11 and 12 and all these May releases created the hashtag #MAYRELEASES" Who else will add to the #MayReleases? Dates are as followed:. Miranda's 5th PSR album is May 13th (her 22nd birthday), Ke$ha's 6th PSR album is May 16th, Reggie's 2nd PSR album is May 2nd, Fifth Harmony's 2nd PSR album is May 5th, Cymphonique's 5th PSR album is due May 27th, Kc's 3rd PSR album is due May 22nd, Monica Spear's 3rd PSR album is due May 30th, Tinashe's 3rd PSR album is due May 3rd, China's 7th PSR album and mixtape is due May 7th, Jamie Lynn's 1st PSR album is due May 28th, K.Michelle's 3rd PSR album is due May 4th (her birthday) and Vic's 3rd PSR album is due May 19th. NiNi's book and new album has been pushed back to June 1st and her book and 13th PSR album will be released on that day, in addition, RiRi was also supposed to be in the "May" category, but her 9th PSR album has been pushed back as well, but we aren't sure to when yet. Ye is also rumored to be adding himself to the May hashtag by dropping his 4th PSR album next month, but that isn't confirmed as his ego is too big to respond to us (just being real) but for now the hashtag is popular and fans are waiting to see who will add themselves next to the hashtag, and so are we......Click here to see the PSR artists who are in the "Never Heard Of" category....sadly, it's alot of them....

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