Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MiMi Samples "Beast In Paradise" NiNi Features + Olivia Assaulted, Cops On NiNi


MiMi has sampled the super hard and popular song by Beith "Beast In Paradise" which is the song that put him on the "celebrity" map and features Tyga and Tinashe, and she sampled the beat but changed it a little, but you can tell it's his beat and she sampled his voice also in the chorus (chopped N Screwed) and his wife joins her which is a huge moment since the two were beefing and this is their first ever collab song together. Mimi's version is called "Poppin' Bottles". Being that Beith's song is still hella popular, Mimi's version is equally popular and although hubby and wifey never did a song together, his voice is still in it (even though its chopped and screwed)  so it seems like they did do a song together and that's making it even more popular and it has hit the number 1 spot on the charts within 20 minutes of it releasing replacing NiNi's own newest song with Breezy. They both sing-rap on the song and they sound amazing together like we always knew they would and they kill it. The beat is amazing and is produced by NiNi (no suing here obviously since its her own husbands beat) and she does amazing at changing it to avoid copyright but still keeping the fire elements of it and the hook with Beith's chopped up voice is catchy and many report that it's  stuck in their heads and it is in mines too. MiMi is also featured to star in an upcoming horror movie of NiNi so this song officially confirms that there is no more beef between those two and the movie just extra confirms it so good to hear. Click here to check out "Poppin' Bottles" by MiMi Ft NiNi. In other news, not long after Olivia did an interview about people getting hurt after speaking up on NiNi, she herself was attacked, and cops don't feel that it was an "obsessed fan" they feel it was the queen of controversy and they arrested her today, but not because of the fact they think she did it, but because they pushed her "crazy" button. They pulled up on her in the street and they were yelling, and cursing her out calling her out her name and even called her the 'N" word (not sure about that one though, the video messes up at that point) In the beginning NiNi kept her cool even though they were yelling and spitting in all her face, she even joked and said "Anger management anyone?" but after a while they were grabbing all on her and they kept pulling on her arm hard when she tried to walk away and then she flipped and said "If you touch me again I'll really turn you into a pig and fucking barbecue you right now!!!" The cop pushed her against the car and said "barbecue me then" and she socked him and they laughed and put the handcuffs on her and she was cursing and spitting at them the whole time and talking shit, and one cop said "Hope they lock you up until you die" The incident was recorded by a fan who was nearby and she posted it on YouTube with the title "Police Brutality" and the video received over 1 million comments and her N's are protesting how they treated her and they say they were basically asking to get hit and they did that on purpose since they know NiNi is known to hit after someone touches her. A large rally formed outside the PD and they are protesting. Police have arrested 8 other people for trying to break in and set her free. PSR people are also protesting saying that she tried to cooperate but they kept yelling at her, calling her names and pushing her, so who wouldn't snap, especially someone like NiNi. The 2 cops are said to be "under investigation" for unnecessary use of force, but we all know that not a damn thing will happen to them. At this time, NiNi is being held without bail for 'assault of a police officer" Olivia's assault is not included in what she is charged for even though pretty much everyone that's a pig.....*ahem*......excuse me....police officer thinks she did it, but once again they have no proof. Sources say her trial date is tomorrow which means she has to spend a night in jail and Tinashe and China have to hold it down themselves in Chicago tonight. If she is convicted, she probably isn't facing any jail time, she didn't kill the cop, nor did she seriously hurt him, she probably will just get a fine and maybe probation but that's if she has a nice judge. Stay tuned guys.....Click here to see what happened to Olivia......And click here to see the video of the cops rolling up on the queen.....

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