Monday, April 13, 2015

Relatives Suing China "We Get Nothing" + Reggie And Weezy Beef

Relatives of China, we're not sure which ones yet, are speaking put against their own flesh and blood claiming that the family is broke and starving yet their number 1 rich relative who is signed with the hottest label in the world and makes thousands of dollars a day isn't doing a thing to contribute to their poverty and they say she keeps it all for herself and doesn't even help her mom or her 3 older sisters. The relatives call her "selfish" "greedy" and a changed typical Hollywood bitch (their words not mine) and word is that they are trying to get a judge to order her to help her family. China was emancipated (that means no parents no family just on her own as a child) at 15 years old and although many folks she couldn't last she proved everyone wrong. It's said that she hasn't talked to her mom dad or siblings in years and many say it's because she was being abused sexually by her dad and her mom sisters and siblings looked the other way which led up to her emancipation, but she denied that and continued to deny it. They are not asking for any specific amount they just want her to share some of her wealth but since she was emancipated from the fam legally she doesn't have to take care of anyone since technically in legal terms she has no family but her fam says bs to that.  Nothing worse then family drama especially when they're suing you. China is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned for more info. In other news it seems like one of PSRs brightest stars Reggie Carter is in a beef with her own daddy.  Wow. Click here to see what I mean. ..

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