Friday, April 10, 2015

Things Just Got Real, Yandy Fires A Song At NiNi And Fam, NiNi Is Pissed

We all know LAHH star Yandy Smith is making the transition to music and working hard on her music career, well, what better way then to jump start her career by making a diss song to the number 1 person in the game which is Queen N but she really took it to a whole new level. She is a decent rapper/singer and she has many fans, and she is making her mark, but even her fans are disgusted with her saying she took it way to far. She released a song today called "Heads Up" which is more like a freestyle and she attacks NiNi mostly in the first half of the song, but it got deep during the last part of the song where she raps "Your husbands a known hoe and bitch you're a known slut so what's LeLe gon be when she grows up?" Many people were super shocked that she included a innocent child in a personal issue when she has nothing to do with it, but that's what beefs do, they will do anything to break you down. Thing is nobody knows why any of the LAHH crew is beefing with NiNi and really is it this bad that they gotta put kids in it now and actually calling names? Maybe. Thing is, if she wanted to tick NiNi off, she did that, and NiNi fired back hard. After the song dropped many were surprised that NiNi was quiet, but she wasn't quiet for too long. She too dropped a song called "Heads Down" (LeLe's Revenge) which actually has her daughter's voice on it. She is hella pissed and she is basically yelling on the song. She has certain line that "You put my little girl in your mouth the best taste from the dicks that been there" During the "hook" she is in the background yelling "Don't you ever put my little girls name in a fucking song again!!NEVER!!!!!!!  Punk bitch!!!!!! I'll fuck you up bitch!!! I'll smack the shit out you motherfucker!!!!!!! Lele will beat your motherfucking ass!!!!!! Then at the end, we hear her daughters voice say "Mommy is Yandy taller then me?" and NiNi says "No honey you guys are the same size (laughs)" The song is intense and we can tell she is beyond pissed and as mentioned she is screaming in most of the song. Wow looks like its getting real serious now. Click here to check out Yandy's diss, and click here to check out NiNi's reply "Heads Down" (LeLe's Revenge Ft LeLe)

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