Friday, April 10, 2015

Karmin Is Back With A New Album + Ari Gears Up For Her 1st Album

Karmin has been really active lately, and ever since signing with PSR back in early 2012, they have never gotten on the "never heard of" category and now they are releasing their 3rd very highly anticipated album called "Anniversary" which we feel is named for their 3 year anniversary which is April 19th which is exactly when they were signed to PSR in 2012. They tweeted it early this morning and received over 4 million likes and retweets. They have also released a video of a freestyle over YouTube this morning to promote the album and they also announced they will be going on tour after the album releases. Click here to check out their new YouTube freestyle. Ari is another one who is about to release an album, she hasn't been there for too long, maybe about 2 months now, but she is fast and she is about  to release her 1st PSR album which is still unnamed but extremely anticipated. It is said to be released on or around April 25th. So make sure you look out for these new upcoming albums this month......

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