Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Johnny Hurt Bad

Well looks like Olivia isn't the only one who was assaulted and sent to the hospital, NiNi's ex manager Johnny was sent to the hospital as well early morning hours today with severe internal damage and bleeding and "near death" Police suspect Beith or NiNi in this crime but they have no solid leads to actually connect them to the crime. Doctors say he may not live past this Friday and his family is all pointing fingers at Beith because they feel he may have responded to the fact that Johnny is accused of stealing money from Hollywood which is his wife and causing a bunch of unnecessary drama and they all feel Beith is the one who did this, but once again no proof is available and its no evidence so even though police DO in fact suspect Beith in this vicious attack, they have no evidence to prove it but sources say that he was questioned today about it but no word on how that went.  Click here to see what happened to NiNi's ex manager Johnny.

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