Saturday, April 4, 2015

NiNi Issues Statement About The Issues Surrounding The LAHH Drama



Today a statement released by NiNi and it addresses Olivia Somaya and Tahiry who all have most recently made comments about her in a sub type way, but in a non sub type text. It is unknown why NiNi is having issues with all of these people from that show, but like I mentioned yesterday it created the hashtag #NiNiVSLAHH" and not only that, LAHH is starting to suffer in views since its way more "N's" then it is LAHH fans so the network is said to have lost over 50% of its viewers due to this new beef and everyone is blaming those women for it. Its not often you hear of a musician having a war with an entire reality show, but when it comes to Queen N, we've seen stranger. But we feel that the hashtag is stretching a little, because we do not feel that NiNi is beefing with the ENTIRE show, that would mean she is beefing with the whole cast, the whole crew, all the producers, all the writers and  all the directors and assistants blah blah blah, we just feel that its those 3 women and the media and the fans are blowing it up as a whole show beef type thing. Somaya, Olivia nor Tahiry have responded to her statement. Click here to listen to it. Its not as obscene as it usually be, and she uses very mild language, which is the first calm statement in her career (no offense queen, you know we love ya) How big will this get? Will Olivia, Somaya and Tahiry team up in a threesome and attack her or will it be individual attacks. Its exciting and we can't wait to see what happens next..........

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