Friday, April 10, 2015

Season 3 Episode 2 Of LWN Tonight + More Drama (As Usual)

Tonight is the brand new episode of Livin' With NiNi" which premiers at 8pm on VH1. The season premiere of season 3 last week was intense and at the end of the show we saw previews of the next episode and this one looks even more intense, and seems like even though Nicki came out during one of NiNi's performances late last year and they hugged it out showing the world they buried their feud, seems like its starting back up again due to another PSR artist Meek Mill who is also Nicki's new man (Yes she has officially confirmed that is her "bae") and once again Nick is going into her lazy mode because he's such a distraction, and so is he which the previews show she gets on both of them, and does Meek fire back at her? and does Nicki fire back too for yelling at her bae? Also we left off with a fight that you would never expect, Ann Mararet and NiNi which was crazy after Ann called NiNi a conceited bitch under her breath which NiNi heard, it was just hella crazy last week, and we are really looking forward to all kinds of drama in this new episode, what's gonna happen with Ann, Meek and Nick? are they all getting dropped? is T preggo? Is Ye beefing with his own niece? These are all questions that sprang up in the episode last week, and we hope to hear more on all of this tonight. Should be a very exciting drama filled show, don't miss it tonight at 8 on VH1. Click here to see clips from the last episode.....In other news, the beef drama continues. Demi and Christina Milian are still at war with each other, but the reason isn't clear, but sources report that Demi had something in her song about Chris's rumored BF Weezy and she didn't like it, but that really isn't true since Demi has never mentioned Wayne's name in her entire 10 year career, so we don't know exactly what they are beefing about but they are and according to our reliable sources, its getting worse. But more headline worthy then that is the NiNi VS LAHH drama (#NINIVSLAHH) and that also continues. We already know that NiNi and ex-PSR artist Olivia had a fight a little while ago, and now it's said that Somaya Reece has released pics which supposedly show NiNi in the arms of another man and she posted it to Insta and captioned it #NiNi #THOT" NiNi fired back and posted "She actually trying to pass of her hoodrat ass as me? really bitch you know that's all you, when did you ever see my hair red dumb ass, if you're gonna try and pass you off as me, get my damn hair color correct at least, this pic is so called from 2 days ago, people what color was my hair 2 days ago, damn that broad is more of an airhead then I though lmao she actually posted herself with a man and called it me, wow to much time on your hands babygirl, don't got time for your "thottie" activities #hehe" Somaya must've got embarrassed and she quickly deleted the pic proving she was hoping no one noticed and the N's dragged her to hell and back and she tweeted #FuckTheNs and #FuckTheN #QueenMyAss #Thot" The N's continued to blast on her and Kimbella stepped up too and posted "9 bitches with no class, no self respect, yet they got they got the nerve to call someone else a Thot lol hilarious" Tahiry responded to her posting "Why don't you just go lick it bitch because you sure as hell sniffing after it #bumbitches" So yeah lots of drama still with NiNi and the LAHH crew, but it wasn't a twitter war and NiNi didn't respond after her original tweet. We still don't know who the other 5 is, we still only know about 4 but we will soon find out we know we will. Stay tuned....

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