Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yandy Smith Gets Brutally Attacked, New Hashtag Is #LeLe'sRevengePT3

#LeLesRevengePt3 that's what it's being called since Yandy Smith was viciously attacked hours after she released a song called heads up where she went to far with a line that says "Your husbands a known hoe and bitch you're a known slut so what's LeLe gon be when she grows up?" After that song, the Ns attacked her and so did the Beyhive who was stinging her all day and even celebrities like Jay, Kim, Ye all of PSR and even Russel Simmons attacked her, but she responded #FuckEverybody #SheAintNobody" Then NiNi responded with "LeLe's Revenge" and she was pissed then "LeLe's Revenge Pt.2" dropped and had 5 other PSR artists on it severely dissing her for her low down dirty attack on a 5 year old. Not too long after that she was found half dead by a homeless guy in an alley way up against the dumpster bleeding heavily and unconscious.  The homeless guy used a payphone and called 911 and an ambulance came and transported her to the hospital. Doctors report that she has very severe injuries including massive blood loss, brain swelling, a punctured lung, broken ribs, throat muscles broken, leg jaw arms and collar bone broken, liver injured and severe heart injuries and they report she had 3 severe heart attacks, 2 strokes and 23 seizures. She is in a deep coma and had to receive over 45 life saving surgeries and she is on life support and they dont expect her to live. Being that this happened right after she put NiNi's adorable little daughter in her song, police suspect nini beith or someone close to them like the PSR crew but the main person they suspect is of course the queen.  They held everyone in PSR prisoner while they asked questions but nini was at a show with Tinashe and China last night in New York so she has an alibi but police feel she may have hired someone to d it for her and they aren't allowing anyone to leave the country until their investigation is complete so every PSR artist has to stay in America no overseas which kills the legend trios next week dates for overseas.  They are being extra hard on nini though and they definitely feel she had something to do  with it and they want to see her behind bars for life. But with her alibi being supported by fans and security cameras, they have nothing on her right now but they say they WILL find out that nini is the one who did this.  Yandy's family has been with her all night but the ones who weren't there were at ninis show last night and they also report that she can't be the person because they were watching the legendary trio perform so cops are stuck but still suspect nini. This is a developing story stay tuned. ......

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